Essay on Children’s Day for Students and Children

Essay on Children’s Day for Students and Children: Every year, India celebrates Children’s Day on the 14th of November. India’s first Prime Minister, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru was born at Allahabad on 14th of November 1889. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, also known as Chacha Nehru, was a great lover of children. His passion for children was unsurpassed. He believed that all children should have a happy childhood and access to higher education.

Essay on Children’s Day for Students and Children

Essay on Children’s Day for Students and Children

The history behind the 14th of November as Children’s Day

Since the death of Nehru, 14 November has been declared Children’s Day. This was due to Chacha Nehru’s great love for children. This day is observed to show love and affection for children across the country.

Schools and colleges celebrate Children’s Day with great enthusiasm. Every school celebrates Children’s Day with their students and teachers.

Celebration at School

Children are the future’s torchbearers. Every school celebrates this day by hosting events such as debates, quizzes, and cultural programs like drama, dance, music, or drama. Students can participate in various cultural events that teachers organize.

Chacha Nehru believed that children are the future of tomorrow. Therefore, teachers communicate often to the children through drama and play the importance of a happy childhood in order to create a better country.

Many schools organize sports events to celebrate the occasion. Teachers often invite children from an orphanage or slum nearby to join them in school. These gestures are extremely welcoming and help children to learn how to accept everyone in society. These gestures instill a sense equality among students.

Parents and teachers can also show their affection by giving gifts, chocolates, or toys to the children on this day. Many schools host seminars and talk shows where inspiring personalities from different fields, such as education, sports, and the entertainment sector, give motivational speeches to students.

Celebrations Other Than School

Many NGOs see this day as an opportunity to help the children who are least fortunate. Many programs are also organized for children who are not privileged. People often distribute books, food and chocolates to the children. They also organize cultural events where children can participate in activities such as music, dance, music, and so on. The children are also given awards and prizes. Children are made aware of the various government schemes that they can participate in for their education, welfare, and health.

Some special programs are broadcast on television on Children’s Day. Special articles are also published by several newspapers on the day. This shows the incredible talent of children from different parts of the country.


Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru stated that “The children today will make India of tomorrow.” Children’s Day is a wonderful occasion to recall and celebrate the great thoughts of Chacha Nehru. Children’s Day is a wonderful way for both adults and children to realize that they are the future of this country. Everyone should take responsibility for providing a happy childhood for every child.

Our country’s future will be determined by the love and care we show our children today, regardless of their economic and social status. This thought is the reason Children’s Day is celebrated.

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