Essay on Holi for Students and Children

Essay on Holi for Students and Children: Holi is also known as the festival that celebrates colours. It is one the most important festivals of India. Followers of the Hindu religion celebrate Holi each year in March with enthusiasm and zeal. Holi is celebrated by Hindus who eagerly await the festival each year to enjoy delicious dishes and play with colors.

Holi is all about sharing happiness with family and friends. Holi is a festival that celebrates brotherhood and forgets all their problems. We forget about our differences and embrace the festival spirit. Holi is known as the festival of colors because people use colours to color each other and then apply them to their faces.

Essay on Holi for Students and Children

Essay on Holi for Students and Children

History of Holi

According to Hinduism, there was once a devil king called Hiranyakashyap. He had a son, Prahlad, and a sister, Holika. According to legend, the blessings of Lord Brahma were given to the devil king. He could not be killed by any animal, man or weapon because of this blessing. He became arrogant and this blessing was a curse. He made his kingdom worship him, and not God, even his own son.

All the people started worshiping him, except Prahlad, his son. Prahlad, a true believer in Lord Vishnu, refused to worship his father. The devil king plotted with his sister to murder Prahlad after he saw his disobedience. He forced her to sit on his lap in front of the fire, where Holika was burned. Prahlad emerged safe. Because of his devotion, he was assured protection by his Lord. People began to celebrate Holi as the triumph of good over evil.

Holi Celebration

Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm and passion, especially in North India. One day before Holi, people conduct a ritual called ‘Holika Dahan’. This ritual involves people putting wood piles in public places to be burned. It is used to symbolise the burning of evil power in revising the Holika and King Hiranyakashyap stories. They also gather around Holika to ask for blessings and offer God their devotion.

The next day is likely to be the most colorful in India. People wake up each morning to offer pooja and God. They then dress in white and experiment with different colours. They splash water onto each other. Water guns are used to spray water colours on children. This is how adults can become children. They color each other’s faces, and then they immerse themselves into water.

They get dressed up and bathe in the evening to visit their family and friends. They dance all day and enjoy a special drink called the “bhaang”. All ages enjoy holi’s special delicacy, ‘gujiya, with great enthusiasm.

Holi is love and brotherhood. It promotes harmony and happiness throughout the country. Holi is the triumph of good over bad. Holi is a colorful festival that unites people and eliminates negativity.

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