Essay on Independence Day for Students and Children

Essay on Independence Day for Students and Children: 15 August is one of the most significant days in Indian history. This is the day that the Indian sub-continent gained independence after a long struggle. India has only three national holidays that are all celebrated by the entire nation. The Independence Day (15th Aug) is the first, followed by Gandhi Jayanti (2nd Oct) and Republic Day (26th Jan). India was the largest democracy after independence. We fought hard for our independence from the Britishers. We will discuss the history and significance of Independence Day in this essay.

Essay on Independence Day for Students and Children

Essay on Independence Day for Students and Children

History of Our Independence Day

The Britishers ruled us for almost two centuries. These oppressors caused a lot of suffering for the citizens of the country. Until we fight back, British officials treat us as slaves.

Although we struggled for independence, we worked tirelessly and selflessly with the help of Jawahar Lal Naehru, Subhash Chandra Bosse, Mahatma Gandhi and Chandra Shekhar Azad. Some leaders chose violence, while others choose nonviolence. These leaders had one goal: to expel the Britishers. The long-awaited dream was realized on the 15th of August 1947.

Why Do We Celebrate Independence Day?

Independence Day is a day to relive that moment and enjoy the freedom and independence it represents. We also celebrate Independence Day to remember the lives and sacrifices we made in this struggle. We also celebrated it because we know that the freedom we enjoy was earned hard.

The celebration awakens the patriot in us. The celebrations are not the only thing that bring joy to the young generation. They also learn about the struggles of those who lived during that time.

Activities for Independence Day

It’s a national holiday, but the nation celebrates it with great enthusiasm. This day is celebrated by schools, colleges, offices, societies and other institutions.

Each year, the Red Fort hosts the Indian Prime Minister who also holds the national flag. 21 gunshots are fired in honor of this occasion. This is the beginning of the main event. An army parade follows this event.

The college and school organize cultural events, fancy dress competitions and speech, debate and quiz competitions.

Importance of Independence Day

Each Indian has a different view of Indian Independence. It’s a reminder for some of the long struggle, while for others it is a symbol of honor and glory for the country. We can feel the patriotism in the country.

Indians celebrate Independence Day with pride and nationalism across the country. Every citizen is filled with joy and pride at the country’s diversity and unity on this day. This is not just a celebration of Independence, but also the unity and diversity of the country.

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