Essay on Republic Day for Students and Children

Essay on Republic Day for Students and Children: India celebrates Republic Day every January 26th with great pride and enthusiasm. Every Indian citizen is proud to celebrate this day. It commemorates the day India gained its independence and adopted democracy. It celebrates the date that our constitution was adopted. We became a democratic, sovereign, secular, socialist republic on 26 January 1950, just three years after independence.

Essay on Republic Day for Students and Children

Essay on Republic Day for Students and Children

History of Republic Day

Although we gained independence from British rule on August 15, 1947 our country still lacked a constitution. India lacked experts and political power to ensure smooth functioning of its state affairs. The 1935 Government of India Act, which was essentially modified to allow for government, was more geared towards colonial rule. It was therefore imperative to create an exclusive constitution that reflected all that India stands up for.

Thus, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar headed a constitutional drafting commission on August 28, 1947. The same committee drafted the constitution and presented it to the Constituent Assembly on November 4, 1947. The entire process was complex and took 166 days. The sessions organized by the committee were open to the public.

Our constitutional committee made sure that all rights were included, regardless of the hardships and challenges. The committee sought to achieve the ideal balance to ensure that all citizens could have equal rights in regard to religion, culture, caste and creed. On January 26, 1950, the Indian constitution was finally presented to the country.

This day also saw the opening of the India Parliament’s first session. 26 January saw the swearing in of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, India’s first president. This day is significant because it marks the end British rule and the birth of India as a Republic State.

Republic Day Celebrations

Indians celebrate the 26th of January each year with great enthusiasm and zeal. People forget about their religion, caste and creed on this day. It unites the whole country. It is a great way to show the country’s diversity. New Delhi, the capital of India, celebrates the Republic Day Parade. This parade showcases the strength of the Indian Military as well as the cultural diversity of our country.

Parades are also held in other cities, where many schools participate. It’s a joy to see the professionals and children put so much effort into this parade. It is a great honor to see them parade. On this day, we also perform National Flag Hoisting. After the President of India raises the Indian National Flag, 21 guns follow him with the National Anthem performed by the military band.

In schools, March Past is celebrated and every student must attend. Many schools also distribute sweets on March Past. It is a joyful day, but we should not forget the sacrifices made by our forefathers to achieve freedom. It is also a day to celebrate freedom and help India achieve greater heights in future.

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