Essay on Teachers Day for Students and Children

Essay on Teachers Day for Students and Children: A teacher is someone who inspires and guides people, both young and old. He/she has the responsibility to create awareness and open minds by instilling morals, values, and ethics. Teacher’s Day recognizes the efforts of teachers. They are the ones who shape our minds and each year we celebrate their contributions to society through Teachers’ Day. The International Teachers Day is celebrated on October 5, every year.

Essay on Teachers Day for Students and Children

Essay on Teachers Day for Students and Children

Teachers Day in India

Teachers are honored and respected for their significant contribution to shaping people. Indian Teachers’ Day is celebrated annually on the 5th September. This is the actual birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Raghakrishnan, the former President of India.

Why Teachers’ Day?

Teachers’ efforts and contributions are never forgotten. The Teacher’s Day was established to recognize the contributions and efforts of teachers. India celebrates the teacher’s holiday on Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday. He was a man of many outstanding qualities and attributes.

Many roles are played by teachers in overall development, including:

  • They help students and children to develop leadership skills
  • They instill discipline in young people, shaping them into the future
  • They also provide spiritual and emotional guidance to their students.

Teachers face many challenges in their daily activities, including dealing with the unappreciative community culture and disciplinarian issues for their students.

What can you do for Teachers’ Day?

A simple thank-you note can make a big difference. We have lost the ability to express gratitude in our busy lives. Numerous studies have shown the positive effects of gratitude on both the person who expresses it as well as the one who receives. This is a great opportunity to express gratitude and love for our teachers.

  • With the skills we have acquired over the years, we can offer assistance and suggest solutions.
  • We can also visit them on that day to share our stories and experiences. They will be proud and happy with their efforts.
  • You can give a token of appreciation. This could be something they would keep as a reminder, such as a pen, a planner, or anything that would be helpful.
  • We must also ask for their blessings, and let them know we are there for them whenever they need us.
  • Students can gift books to each other and arrange a get-together, especially if they are part of a graduating class.

Teachers will be proud of their teachers if they spend time with them and show gratitude. Recognizing their contributions to shaping our personalities is important.


The development of any country is dependent on the contributions of teachers. It is important to give teachers the respect they deserve. To recognize the contributions of teachers in our lives, we celebrate Teachers’ Day. Teachers have a lot to do in raising children. Recognizing this day is an important step in recognizing their profession and the importance they play in society.

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