Post all useful information to fill online transfer form  

Post all useful information to fill online transfer form

વધારે ટ્રાફિકના કારણે વેબસાઈટમાં એરર આવી જાય છે તો થોડા સમય પછી પ્રયત્ન કરવો

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

ઓનલાઇન બદલી ફોર્મ ભરવા કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

નલાઇન બદલી ફોર્મ ભરવા ની નવી સૂચના વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

ઓનલાઇન બદલી ફોર્મ ભરવા જરૂરી સૂચનો નો વિડીયો જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો


Dt. 07/11/2022 to Online District Internal during 09/11/2022

Things to keep in mind while applying to camps

At the time of applying for online teacher transfer district internal camp, the application must be made after studying the transfer resolutions dated 01/04/2022 and dated 14/10/2022 of the Education Department, the applicant should apply only on 01/04/2022 of the Teacher Education Department. have availed deduction paid leave in the original school as defined in Chapter-D Rule-11 of the resolution and as per the provision of Chapter-I Rule-10 (a)

So the same teacher who has completed net 3 years of service after deducting the leave period is online internal

In lieu of demand, the form can be filled,

After the online order of teachers who have done internal online transfer in the district is generated, the order cannot be canceled under any circumstances. All of whom should take special note.

First of all, the teacher has to scan his recent passport size photograph and signature and the Aadhaar for priority change in advance and save it in the mobile or computer.

The teacher applying online has to register his/her school’s disc code in advance. Also get an advance print of the vacancies shown department wise and subject wise in your district

Take or write. Select the schools of your choice in advance and arrange them in order of priority.

First of all your e-mail id while applying for Online Teacher Transfer District Internal Camp. And registration has to be done with mobile number. For that, you have to click on the button shown below on the teacher transfer portal.

Click Here For Nose Candidate Registration

Then the applicant has to write his full name for registration. Email Id And the mobile number has to be written. Select your current duty District/Town Education Committee and enter a password that you will remember. Password has to be confirmed and capture code has to be entered. Registration has to be done by clicking on the register button.

After clicking on the register button, a 6 digit OTP will be sent to your mobile. After entering the correct OTP and clicking on the submit button, your registration will be done.

Now the teacher registered e-mail id in Login With Your Credentials on home page. And you have to login with a password. Enter the capture code and click on the login button to login.

Then, if the benefit of priority transfer has been availed in the past in the place selection camp at the time of recruitment or if the benefit has been availed earlier in the transfer camp, yes should be written. And normal seniority has to be chosen. If the benefit of priority has not been taken in the past then no has to be written in it. Beside type of priority Widow-Widow / Divyang / Primary Teacher Couple / Couple from Government Job / Couple from Aided Educational Institution / Valmiki / General Seniority Priority to select whichever is applicable.

In the case of a primary teacher couple, if the husband wants to be transferred, the information of the school discord where his wife works should be given. And if the wife wants to transfer, she has to give the information about the school discord where her husband works.

• In the case of a couple rather than a government job, Panchayat, Government of India Accounts, Gujarat Government Accounts, Government of India Boards/Corporations, Gujarat Government Boards/Corporations or other Gujarat Government Accounts should be selected in the type of government employment and in case of a couple, husband or wife of the beneficiary teacher. In the village/city where the organization is employed, the information along with the name, address and pincode number of the village/city should be given.

In case of a couple working in an aided educational institution, the beneficiary teacher’s husband or wife should provide the information along with the name, address and pincode number of the village/city where the institution is located.

Then the necessary documents have to be uploaded in the upload section. Drag and drop to upload documents

Drop a file here or click and go to that location, select the documents and upload them. A preview will show while uploading.

after that . Hence I warrant that my details in the form are correct. If these details are proved wrong during the verification, then the form will be canceled and any action taken against me will be valid. It has to be clicked.

Then by clicking on Save and Next button, your Teacher Details menu information will be saved.

. Then clicking on School Priority menu will show your department / subject wise vacancies in School List(SchoolName – Taluka – PayCenter) on the left side, in which school name, taluka and pay center will show the school name. By clicking on it, it will automatically go to the Selected School List on the right side.

In case of a couple, only the schools of the taluka where the husband/wife is working in the school/office/institution can be selected and also if there is a seat in the schools of their own pay center, then the same schools have to be shown first.

You can change the priority order of schools in the Selected School List. Sort the schools in order of your choice from first to last.

Thereafter the school order which I get from the above selected places shall not be canceled for any reason which I undertake. It has to be clicked on,

. Then by clicking on Save School Selection, your School Priority menu information will be saved.

Then clicking on the Application Preview menu on the side will show all the details of your application. Check that all the details are correct? If it is wrong or needs to be corrected, do not click on Final Submission and go to the next menu to correct the information.

If there is no correction, your application will be confirmed by clicking on the Final Submission button, after that no correction can be made in the application and you can get a print of the application by clicking on the Application Print button in the right corner.

Take a print out of the application and submit your application to the office of the Taluka Primary Education Officer within the prescribed time limit through the following channel along with the applicable grounds.



Type of replacement

Documents to be uploaded online

Widow/Widower – Certificate from Competent Authority regarding widow/widower

– Death instance of spouse – Ration card


– Notarized affidavit stating not remarried -Civil Surgeon’s certificate showing percentage of disability



Primary teacher couple

– Registrar’s certificate of marriage registration

Annexure in prescribed form issued by the Headmaster of the school in which the spouse is employed


Annexure in the prescribed form given by the Head of the Office in which the couple is employed other than in Government employment

-The office in which the husband/wife is employed is established and managed by the Central/State Govt

Registrar’s Certificate of Marriage Registration


Couple than subsidized jobs

Aadhaar/Certificate of having

– Registrar’s Certificate of Marriage Registration in an Educational Institution – Issued by the Head of the Institution where the spouse is employed in the Granted Educational Institution


– Spouse working in a grant-aided educational institution J. of the institution Govt

Basis/certificate as prescribed by law/promulgation/resolution


– Certificate from Competent Authority regarding Valmiki

Order to attend present school


– If the option has gone to the higher primary division, a copy of the order in which the option has been taken Other (grounds of present-exemption as to whether the option has been changed by subsequent transfer or division)

Rank 1 to 6

– Order to attend present school

– Other (subsequently modified by change or division) present-exemptions

Applicable instructions

Grounds) Affidavit to the effect that no prior priority has been availed

Post all useful information to fill online transfer form

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